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Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Soon

7th-Day Advent Bible Ministry Church

What Are Some of the Conspiracy Theories by Christians in the 21st Century?

1. One is saved by "Faith Alone."

2. Obedience is the "fruit of salvation."

3. Jesus Christ's death saved everyone already unconditionally.

4. We are born sinners.

5. Sin is by nature.

6. Sin is a state

7. Sin is a condition.

8. We sin because we are born sinners.

9. We inherit sinfulness.

10. In order for one to be a sinner, all one has to do is to be born.

11. Jesus Christ in His humanity took upon Himself a sinless nature; i.e, the sinless nature of Adam before his fall.

12. No born again Christian can live sinless.

13. We will always sin because of our nature until Jesus Christ returns.

14. Pefection of life is impossible.

15. The 144,000 in Revelation is a symbolic number, not literal.

16. The SDA Church is the Remnant Church of God.

17. The SDA Church can never become Babylon.

18. The day of Jesus Christ's return is not fixed (appointed) yet, and is based upon our faithfulness in preaching the gospel.

19. The day and hour of Jesus Christ's return can either move forward (earlier) due to our faithfulness in preaching the gospel or delayed further because of our unfaithfulness.

20. Jesus Christ being God can declare the end from the beginning, yet He does not know the day and hour of His second coming.

21. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, but He is not God.

22. Jesus Christ is God, He is all knowing, and He can declare the end from the beginning, but He does not even know the day and the hour of His second coming back to earth.

22. The Ten Commadments cannot be kept perfectly by any born again Christian.