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Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Soon

7th-Day Advent Bible Ministry Church


1. What is the symbolic meaning of the word – “Babylon?”

Ellen G. White says, “In the professedly Christian world many turn away from the plain teachings of the Bible and build up a creed from human speculations and pleasing fables, and they point to their tower as a way to climb up to heaven. Men hang with admiration upon the lips of eloquence while it teaches that the transgressor shall not die, that salvation may be secured without obedience to the law of God. … The existing confusion of conflicting creeds and sects is fitly represented by the term "Babylon," which prophecy (Revelation 14:8; 18:2) applies to the world-loving churches of the last days.” Patriarchs and Prophets, p.124

In summary, “Babylon” means:

(i) Confusion –

(ii) Any teaching that brings confusion;

(iii) Any teaching that is contrary to what the Bible teaches;

(iv) Any teaching that would cause people to sin or to miss out eternal life.

For example – Any Biblical teaching that says, “One can have eternal life without having to obey God” – is Babylon. Why? Because this false teaching makes one to believe that a person is already saved while continuing to live in sin (transgression of the law). You will notice that a person’s eternal loss is due to the false teaching advocated by the church (organization).

2. Does the SDA Church have false teachings that may lead the members of her church to live a life in sin?

The SDA church now believes that one is saved by faith alone. If you asked them: What about works or obedience? They would answer – obedience is the fruit of salvation. In other words, they are saying – One is saved by faith alone. Faith precedes assurance of salvation. Works or Obedience comes after one is saved. Therefore, works or obedience is the fruit of one’s salvation.

They will say, because one is saved, his/her works/obedience is the response to his/her salvation. This teaching sounds pretty nice, but it is a demonic teaching that leads the members of the church to continue in sin while professing to be saved.

3. What is so evil about the teaching of - “Salvation by faith alone?”

(i) It separates faith from obedience.

(ii) It advocates salvation without obedience.

(iii) It advocates salvation in sin rather than from sin.

(iv) It promotes a license to sin.

(v) It promotes that the sinner can be saved.

(vi) It promotes that a perfect life is not necessary in order to be saved.

(vii) It promotes that one can continue to sin yet will be saved.

(viii) It promotes a "grace theology" without accountability for sin.

(ix) It does away the law of God in a subtle way.

(x) It advocates a "feel good theology" and no conviction of sin and repentance required..

4. Is there another false teaching by the SDA Church?

This statement below is from the SDA literature. It says,

Statement 1: -

“One does not have to do bad things to be a sinner, and not doing bad things does not make one sinless. In order to be a sinner, all one has to do is to be born. All of us are born with inherent sinful natures. Mankind is not only born in sin but continues in sin.””    

Source Book – Collegiate Sabbath School Lesson Pamphlet, 2 Quarter, May 01, 2000, p.50

What does the statement above mean?

(i) One is a sinner without having to break the law.

(ii) One is a sinner automatically by birth.

(iii) One is a sinner because of the inherited fallen sinful nature.

(iv) Therefore, sin becomes inheritable from Adam because of our fallen sinful nature.

(v) Therefore, sin is transferable.

(vi) Therefore, sin is without a choice.

(vii) Therefore, the sinner is not accountalbe for sin since it is without one's choice.

(viii) Therefore, sin becomes excusable since it is not by choice.

(ix) Therefore, the sinner cannot overcome sin but will continue to sin until Jesus Christ returns.

(x) Therefore, perfection or a sinless life is impossible due to the condition of one's nature.

(xi) Therefore, God becomes responsible for sin.

5. Is there another statement(s) to prove that the SDA Church have gone into apostasy?

Statement - 2

(C.) “Sin as a State” - (p. 246). “A corrupt and sinful nature yields sinful acts” - Matthew 15:19. 

(D.) “Sin as a Specific Kind of Evil” – (p.247).

Source Book,“Handbook of Seventh-Day Adventist Theology,” Commentary Reference Series, Vol. 12, pp.246-247 – Review & Herald Publishing Association, Hagerstown, MD 21740, Printed in Year 2000.

Statement – 3

“Humans are not sinners because they commit sin, but they sin because they are sinners.”

Source Book,“Handbook of Seventh-Day Adventist Theology, Commentary Reference Series, Vol. 12, 164 – Review & Herald Publishing Association, Hagerstown, MD 21740, Printed in Year 2000

6. What would happen if the members of the SDA Church believed in the teahing of sin as per above statements by the church?

What you believe is what you are. Normally your lifestyle is the reflection of your beliefs.

Firstly, sin will prevail in the church without a solution unless the teaching is corrected.

Secondly, the memebers of the SDA Church would end up in hell (eternal death) if they believed in it.