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Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Soon

7th-Day Advent Bible Ministry Church


What the SDA Church believes in "what sin is"will shock many of her sincere members today. This information is intended to help those of you who are seeking for truth and your interest is not in an Organization except the TRUTH in Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ says in John 8:32 - "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

What is the truth about sin?- 1 John 3:4 says - "Sin is the transgression of the law." Sin is not by any other means. Please bear this truth in mind of what sin is. Unless you know the truth, you will not know the error.

We are going to put four (4) statements from the authoritative writings of the SDA Church to prove their belief on the teaching of "SIN" that will contradict 1 John 3:4.

Statement # 1

“One does not have to do bad things to be a sinner, and not doing bad things does not make one sinless. In order to be a sinner, all one has to do is to be born. All of us are born with inherent sinful natures. Mankind is not only born in sin but continues in sin.”  

Source Book – Collegiate Sabbath School Lesson Pamphlet, 2nd Quarter, May 01, (Printed in year 2000), p.50.

According to the SDA belief stated in the above Statement # 1: this is what it means: -

i) We are sinners because we are born sinners.

ii) We are adulterers because we are born adulterers.

iii) We are thieves because we are born thieves.

iv) We are idol worshippers because we are born idol worshippers.

v) We are murderers because we are born murderers.

vi) Because we are born sinners we will continue to sin.

vii) In other words, sin is inherited due to our fallen sinful nature from Adam and Eve and that is our condition; that is our state.

viii) Sin now becomes excusable.

ix) We now have a license to sin because that is the way we are.

x) Our sinful habits, our evilness, our wickedness are inherited, NOT acquired.

xi) We are not responsible for sin for sin is without our choice since we inherited.

xii) Then God becomes reponsible for sin.

xiii) Therefore, a CHRISTLIKE life is impossible for we cannot live righteous even by God's divine power since we are conditioned to sin.

You will hear most pastors who speak as the authority of the SDA church and supported by the Church leadership will tell you that we cannot become perfect in character despite the Scripture and Spirit of Prophecy evidences of a life possible without sin through divine power.

The SDA church as an organization will condemn you through their pastors in authority if you were to teach the Christlike (sinless) life doctrine in church.

They will ask you the condemning question - "ARE YOU PERFECT?" instead of asking - "Does the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy teach it?"

Does Jesus Christ teach that we should stop sinning? Yes! He says to Mary Magdalene, "Go and sin no more" - John 8:11

Romans 6:1 - Grace does not give anyone a license to sin.

1 John 3:8-9 - Anyone born of God do not commit sin.

1 John 5:18 - Anyhone born of God do not commit sin.

2 Corinthians 5:17 - Anyone in Christ is a new creature.

The SDA pastors have forgotten that God declared "Job" a rigteous, blameless, perfect man. Job did not say of himself, "I am perfect, I am sinless." It was God who declared Job as perfect.

God declared Enoch a perfect man, and Elijah a perfect man. Enoch preached perfection of life in his time to those whom he taught, but he never declared himself to be a perfect man. It was God who declared Enoch a perfect man.

For the SDA pastors to ask the condemning question - "Are You Perfect?" to someone who teaches perfection; they are misinformed by the church. It is not our duty or prerogative to declare ourselves perfect. Thank God that we can leave the duty of declaring a person perfect with Him for He is God. But our duty is to teach everyone to be become perfect through divine power that is available for us to live by.

For the SDA pastors and anyone in the church to conclude that because someone teaches perfection, therefore that person is saying he/she is perfect, is a misconstrual of the subject of perfection of character to mislead the members from salvation.

Often the opponents of the truth will attack your personality to detour others from the truth because this issue affects a person's salvation.

You will notice that the other three statements to be shown below wil repeat and reinforce the first statement. Apparently, the statements were not written by the SDA Church by mistake because they compliment each other.

Let's look at the next statement.

Statement # 2

(C.) “Sin as a State” - (p. 246). “A corrupt sinful nature yields sinful acts” - Matthew 15:19.

(D.) “Sin as a Specific Kind of Evil” – (p.247).

Source Book - Handbook of Seventh-Day Adventist Theology, Commentary Reference Series, Vol. 12, pp.246-247 – Review & Herald Publishing Association, Hagerstown, MD 21740, Printed in Year 2000.

Statement # 3

“Humans are not sinners because they commit sin, but they sin because they are sinners.

Source Book - “Handbook of Seventh-Day Adventist Theology,” Commentary Reference Series, Vol. 12, 164 – Review & Herald Publishing Association, Hagerstown, MD 21740, Printed in Year 2000, p.164

Statement # 4

“Is Sinfulness inherited or acquired? … Although as children we acquire sinful behavior through imitation, the above texts affirm that we inherit our basic sinfulness.

Source Book: Seventh Day Adventists Believe , 27 Fundamental Beliefs, p.90-91, (1988 Edition).

The truth is -

We did not inherit our basic sinfulness, wickedness or evilness. We inherited a fallen sinful nature. Inheriting a fallen sinful nature is differrent from inheriting sinfulness, wickedness or evilness. [Please stop and think to grasp the point in here before moving on.]

What a contradiction that will lead the members of the SDA church to continue to sin because of a license to sin by the false teaching of the church.

This is the SDA Church teaching on sin NOW. This is not about a local pastor of a local congregation preaching it without the SDA church approval. That is why the SDA system is in APOSTASY.

All of the above four (4) statements harmonize together. They are not taken out of context because they compliment each other. They all contradict the Scriptures.

Let's illustrate the evilness of this false teaching on the subject of SIN by the SDA church in case someone is still not clear yet.


Let's say, I robbed a bank of 10 million dollars. Later, I was caught and taken to court. The JUDGE asks me, "What made you to rob the bank?"

I answered, "Sir, I was born a sinner and I will always sin. Actually, I was born a robber and I will always be a robber throughout my life. It does not matter what I do to change, but nothing can change me since that is the way I was born. I was conditioned to rob because of my fallen sinful nature inherited from Adam and Eve. I cannot help but to rob."

Furthermore, I said, 'Mr. JUDGE, I am not the only one conditioned to rob. You are also conditioned to rob. One day you will rob a bank like me. Sir, You are conditoned to commit adultery too. You are conditioned to kill as well. By the way, your wife will commit adultery too becacuse she is born an adulterer. Be prepared for that situation and don't divorce her since that is our condition."

Then finally I said, "Mr. JUDGE, I appeal to you to do the right thing. We are all conditioned this way to sin until Jesus Christ comes. You need to set me

FREE. Thank you."

If you were the JUDGE; Would you acquit me and let me go home FREE or convict me of a crime conmmitted and lock me up in jail? ......................................................

If you as the JUDGE allowed me to go home FREE from an offence committed, then, expect all the banks to be robbed at the earliest possbile time since you have granted a license for whoever to rob any bank. The repercussions of your decision would follow. Sin will prevail. Crime and violence will increase because of your approval given for sin to be practiced.

The SDA church is doing the same thing in her teachigs on the subject of SIN. Can't you see how evil this teaching is?

How do they sound to you? Would you accept such teachings to infiltrate the minds of the youth and your children by such false teachings?

You probably may have heard others say it in conversations or from the preachers from the pulpits. You may have heard it in your churches but may have never dawned in your mind yet how evil the teaching of sin is. And perhaps none has challenged it.

We can understand if you did not know it until you read it in here, thus, we want to provoke your mind to think a little deeper to see the error and evilness of this belief that will affect the salvation of members, you and your family's eternity too.

Whoever believes in this teaching above will end up in hell. You have a responsibility as a member of the SDA church to challenge it or to leave the apostatized SDA church and move on. Be a responsible member and parent, and save your children from such heresy. Save others who do not know yet.

This applies to ANYONE in whatever church you are fellowshipping with that teaches this subtle deceptive lie.

Is it your desire to serve a Church Organization or Jesus Christ? ...........

Check out this websites below for futher information on apostasy within the SDA church: