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Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Soon

7th-Day Advent Bible Ministry Church

SDA Church Infallibility?

Within the Catholic Church, the papacy is infallible. But within the SDA Church, it is the Organization that is infallible. The SDA Church have made the claim that she is the Remnant Church of God and she cannot err in the future.

The SDA Church have made the claim that she cannot become Babylon except all the other churches. In other words, she has never apostatized from the truth and will never apostatize in the future. She has been predestined to be the Remnant and will never fall away from the truth. The SDA Church leaders and members defend the infallibility of the church by saying that Mrs. White said, "The Church is not Babylon." They use this statement to predestine the church and make the orgnization infallible.

Mrs. White says, "The SDA Church is not Babylon." She was referring to the Church at her time. God had never told her to prophesy that the SDA Church will never apostatize and will never become Babylon in the future.

About 150 years later, the current members, pastors and the Church leaders are using the same statement by Mrs. White out of context to apply to the church of today. Hence, the SDA church is indirectly claimig infallibility of the Church Organization where it says, the church cannot apostatize nor become Babylon. .

We do know that the SDA Church has already apostatized and become Babylon. You may wish to check out the website:

What is the danger caused by the SDA Church in taking Mrs. White's statement, "The SDA Church is not Babylon" and applying it to today's church?

1. The SDA Church says that God has a church on earth and she is the true church.

2. The SDA Church tries to brainwash the members that she is the only true church and make them believe that they cannot leave the church.

3. Indirectly, the SDA Church is saying to the members that one cannot leave the church because salvation cannot be found outside of the Remnant Church.

4. Though the SDA Church will tell the members that their salvation is in Jesus Christ, yet they indirectly advocate salvation in the SDA Church.

Some have left the SDA church when they realized that the church has apostatized in her teachings. .

Who is the Remnant?

Those who keep the commandments of God are the Remnant - Revelation 12:17; 14:12; Even Jesus own family, mother, and brothers are not the remnant unless they do the will of God the Father - Mark 3:35. 

Those who keep the commandments may be found in other denominations as well. They are the wheat, not the tares. So the remnant does not refer to an organization. It is those who keep the commandments of God within a church organization.

There is a big difference between those who keep the commandments of God as the Remnant from the SDA Church Organization as the Remnant.

Since you know that your church is teaching error now; would you still continue to suppor to increase the error? Or should you find another church that teaches the truth?

Suppose if you did not know that your church is teaching error; you would not think of leaving, would you? But since you know it now, you are accountable to God.

Hope this is of help to those who are seeking for the truth in Jesus Christ. May the truth set you free indeed.