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Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Soon

7th-Day Advent Bible Ministry Church


The Bible teaches us that sin is the transgression of the law - 1 John 3:4. But today, there is another definition that is floating amongst many professed Christians and mainline denominations advocating "Sin is by nature."

The belief that we are born sinners due to Adam’s sin is a hoax, and must be counteracted as soon as possible. It is worse than cancer, because it will kill you of eternal death. It is one of the most evil doctrines of all time. Remember, what one believes will affect one’s destiny. If one believes that he or she is born a sinner, apparently, he or she has to believe also that sin is due to Adam’s fault. Therefore, sin can be excused in a subtle way.Sin no longer becomes the individual's responsibility but due to someone else action. 

Let’s look at 15 EVIL reasons how one becomes a sinner if sin is really due to Adam’s sin.The root cause is found in reason # 1. With reason #1 established, one will find the rest are just natural. It only takes one error to create the other 14 errors. 

1. The fallen sinful nature is sinful, corrupt, wicked, and evil in itself.

2. Anyone who is born with the fallen sinful nature is born a natural sinner.

3. In order to be a sinner, all one has to do is to be born.

4. One is a sinner by birth, not by the transgression of the law.

5. We are sinners because of Adam’s Sin. Adam is the culprit, not us.

6. We are not responsible for sin since we inherited it from Adam

7. Everyone is a sinner without a choice due to Adam’s genes in us.

8. All are sinners by inheritance due to Adam’s genes in us.

9. Sin becomes universal because of Adam’s sin in us.

10. Sin is biological – it is due to Adam’s genes in us.

11. Sin is a state and a condition from birth due to Adam’s sin in us.

12. The reason why King David committed adultery with Bathsheba is because he was born an adulterer from birth due to Adam’s sin. Adam’s adultery sinful genes (lust of the flesh) were passed upon King David – 2 Samuel 11.

13. King David could not help but to commit adultery with Bathsheba because that was his state and condition from birth due to Adam’s sin in him.

14. King David not only was born with Adam’s adultery genes, but will always commit adultery because those adultery sinful genes remain with him till his death.

No wonder, sin is so prevalent in our Christian Churches of today which makes Churches a social club in breeding sin further. 

 I hope that you as a reader will see the error and hate this false doctrine that excuses sin. It crucifies Christ afresh.

I also pray that you will join us to counteract such doctrines in the churches.