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Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Soon

7th-Day Advent Bible Ministry Church

Sinlessness Is Possible - Part 2

Dear Readers, 

A current general belief of the SDA Church worldwide is this - The law of God cannot be kept perfectly. And sinlessness is not attainable in this life. Furthermore, you are conditioned to sin while being alive and you will sin until death or till Jesus Christ returns, whichever comes first. .

You will be warned, disciplined and excommunicated by the SDA Church if you teach or preach that perfection of character, a Christ-like life, a sinless life, a holy life, a pure life, an undefiled life, an unblemished life, a godly life, a life without sin, is possible through divine power.  

The devil is angry with the truth. And the SDA Church now becomes the agent of the devil to remove any pastor, worker or lay person who strongly preaches this truth. the devil has a deep hatred toward this truth because it has to do with salvation. What a person believes is what he is. His behavior will follow his belief. If he believes that we cannot live a holy life and that we will continue to sin because of our condition; you can tell what lifestyle this person would live life on earth?

Don’t forget, Christ was crucified by His own people that prided and boasted about their heritage from Abraham. They called themselves the chosen of God – the Remnant of God - the keepers of the law, yet they never lived that Christlike life required of them.  

So, let’s take a look closely at what Spirit of Prophecy says of Enoch’s sinless lifeas an exampleof those who will beALIVE AND LIVING SINLESS BY DIVINE POWER AT THE TIME OF JESUS CHIRST’S SECOND COMING. THEY WILL BE TRANSLATED.   

1. How long did Enoch walk with God before his translation to heaven? 

Genesis 5:21 - And Enoch lived sixty and five years, and begat Methuselah:(22) - And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters:(23) - And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years: (24) And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him. My

Comments - Though Enoch walked with God for over 300 years, yet he never made a claim that he was walking with God or he was sinless or he was perfect or he was righteous or he was keeping the commandments perfectly, etc, etc.... He made no boastful or self righteous claims. 

2. Why did God translate Enoch? 

“For his faithful obedienceto God he was translated. So, also, the faithful, who are alive and remain, will be translated.” Testimonies to the church, Vol.2, p.121 

Those living at the time of Jesus Christ's return will have the same godly character as Enoch and are ready to be translated.

3. Did Ellen G. White say that Enoch keep the Commandments of God? 

“During these earlier years Enoch had loved and feared God and had kept His commandments. He was one of the holy line, the preservers of the true faith,” Patriarchs & Prophets, p.84. 

My Comments - If Enoch kept the Commandments, therefore, he was sinless, holy, blameless, undefiled, and perfect because sin is the breaking of the law. Since he kept the commandments, apparently, he was sinless, period.

 4. Is there another statement by Ellen G. White to say that Enoch was sinless? 

“The godly character of this prophet represents the state of holinesswhich must be attained by those who shall be “redeemed from the earth” (Revelation 14:3) at the time of Christ’s Second Advent.” Patriarchs and Prophets, pp. 88-89. 

5. What was the prevailing false teaching of Enoch's Time regarding the law of God? 

Ellen G. White says, “Satan was urging upon men the belief that there was no reward for the righteous or punishment for the wicked, andthatit was impossible for men to obey the divine statutes. Patriarchs and Prophets, p.88.

Comments – The people at Enoch’s time were saying that mankind cannot obey God’s law perfectly. So God had to demonstrate the truth by taking Enoch alive for their learning. Today the SDA Church is saying the same thing. Varea, Joeli Dakai, Joe Hughes, Pr Ulaiasi Dau is doing the same. They are echoing the voice of Lucifer…………  

6. Did Enoch teach the people at his time that the law of God can be kept, and a sinless life is possible?     

Ellen G. White says, “Men were taught that it is possible to obey the law of God; that even while living in the midst of the sinful and corrupt, they were able, by the grace of God, to resist temptation, and become pure and holy.”Patriarchs and Prophets, p.88 

My comments - Enoch not only lived a sinless life but he was a faithful teacher of righteousness by faith and that the law could be kept perfectly by divine power. The faith in Christ’s righteousness is to believe that He as God, He can deliver you from sin. He can forgive your past sins, and He can empower you to live righteous from today as you face ALL temptations that may come your way. 

7. Did Enoch declare himself a sinless person? If not, then who declared Enoch a sinless person?  

The Bible says, He walked with God over 300 years …

He did not claim to be sinless, though he was teaching holy living and he lived a pure life through divine power. It was God who declared him to have kept the commandments. And God translated Enoch to be a rebuke upon those who do not believe that man can keep the law of God perfectly by divine power, and that man can live a life without sin by divine grace.  

For anyone today to keep saying that we cannot live a holy life, a sinless life, a perfect life, a righteous life by divine power, he/she is degrading the power of God; he/she is acting as an agent of the devil; and making the Bible contradict itself.    

Extra Material  

8. Is a life without sin attainable by God’s divine power?

(i). He (Jesus Christ) came to prove that humanbeings can, through the power of God, live sinless lives.” {Signs of the Times, August 9, 1905 par. 8}  

(ii). “Everyone who by faith obeys God’s commandments, will reach the condition of sinlessness in which Adam lived before his transgression.” Ellen G. White, Maranatha, August 4, p.224 (Ellen G. White, Signs of the Times, July 23, 1902)  

(iii). “He came to destroy the works of the devil, and He hasmade provision that the Holy Spirit shall be imparted to every repentant soul, to keep him from sinning.” Ellen G. White, Desire of Ages, p.311 

Comments - According to the three statements above, Ellen G. White says, “Sinlessness” is attainable through God’s divine power. By the way, she has many more statements stating the same truth on “sinlessness” than just those three statements above.

9. What would happen to someone who does not have the faith to believe that he/she can live a life without sin by God’s divine power?  

(i) “He who has not sufficient faithin Christ to believe that He can keep Him from sinning, has not the faith that will give him an entrance to the kingdom of God.” Ellen G. White, Review & Herald, March 10, 1904)  

Comments - A person who does not believe that he/she can live a sinless life by divine power will not enter the kingdom of God.  

10. If sinlessness is attainable, then, the question is - Can sin be excused?  

“There is no excuse for sinning. A holy temper, a Christ-like life, is accessible to every repenting, believing child of God.” Ellen G. White, Desire of Ages, p.311 

Sin is not excusable because a sinless life is accessible through divine power. Many others do not believe that a repentant sinner can live a life without sinthrough divine power. In fact, they are echoing the belief of the SDA Church. Their belief says, “Man cannot be sinless, thus, he will continue to sin in life because he is conditioned to sin.”  

Ellen G. White says, “Whatever contradicts God's word, we may be sure proceeds from Satan.” Patriarchs and Prophets, p.55