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Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Soon

7th-Day Advent Bible Ministry Church

 What Is “Iniquity”?

Iniquity comes under the category of the word called - “SIN.” The word “SIN” is the general term for the transgression of the law. Of course, sin begins in the mind. Iniquity is found in the mind also. The transgression of the law takes place in the mind.

To steal is sin. To tell lies is sin. To worship an idol is sin. To covet is sin. To commit adultery is sin. To break the law is sin.

Iniquity is sin also. Though adultery is sin, however, it is not iniquity.

So, what is iniquity?

To be more specific, iniquity is the sin that refers to “the truth twisted in a subtle way for a deceptive purpose for one’s benefit.” It is found in the mind of a person where no one sees it, except God alone. It is the evil MOTIVE within a person. No one sees the heart/mind. No one understands the Motive of an action to deceive for an evil purpose for one's benefit.

The evil thoughts in the mind of a person, the selfish MOTIVE is the sin called “iniquity.” Though no one may see the twisted truth in a person’s mind for a person's self benefit, yet God sees the iniquity. God can read the evil selfish motive in the mind. 

The evil motive cannot escape God's judgement. Others may not know the real motive, but God sees it.

At times the Bible uses the word, “the heart” interchangeably with the word, “the mind.”

Iniquity Committed By Lucifer

The first mention of the word “iniquity” is in Ezekiel 28:15 referring to Lucifer, “But thou was perfect from the day that thou was created, till iniquity was found in thee.”

Iniquity which is sin, was found in Lucifer’s heart/mind in heaven while he was a perfect being with a sinless nature. Lucifer tried to deceive the angels in heaven by the false plot he made against Christ, and none of the angels knew the deception of his motives. No one knew his MOTIVES. But God alone saw the evil thoughts in Lucifer’s mind, the evil MOTIVES.The truth was twisted for an evil purpose to benefit a person, and in this case, it is Lucifer.

Iniquity Committed By King David

What was King David’s iniquity? King David had committed adultery with Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah. Please note that adultery was not the iniquity. Even though adultery is sin, but it is not the iniquity in this context.

King David deceived his fellow servant Uriah by trying to make him drunk first and then sends him to his home to sleep his own wife, Bathsheba. This was done by King David to cover up his adultery with Bathsheba because she may be pregnant. That will become an excuse that it was Uriah's child. And of course, she was pregnant by King David. It was an evil plan intended for a cover up of the truth. This is iniquity and it is sin. Evil Motives for a cover up.

But Uriah did not go back to his home. Then King David sent Uriah back to the battle field carrying a letter to the Army Commander, Joab to put him in the front line to be killed – 2 Samuel 11. King David committed INIQUITY with the intention to deceive Uriah and the public. Nine months later, the prophet Nathan visited King David, and revealed his iniquity.

King David in his genuine repentance recorded in Psalms 51:2 he says, “Wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin.” The Israelite King then acknowledges his deceptive plan for his own benefit could not escape God's all seeing eyes. The law of God condemns him to eternal death. With a remorseful heart, he genuinely repented and received salvation again. Had he never genuinely repented, he would have been eternally lost if he died.


Iniquity is not the fallen sinful nature we inherited from Adam and Eve. The fallen sinful nature is the result of their sin. Therefore, the fallen sinful nature is not sinful nor evil. But “iniquity” is sinful; it is evil.

Many have tried to equate the fallen sinful nature with iniquity. By doing so, they have justified the fallen sinful nature to be sinful and evil. So, they say, we are born sinful and evil. Then, they give an excuse for unintentional sins by saying those are the sins caused by the fallen sinful nature, and we will not be judged for committing them.What a good excuse for someone to continue sinning. 

Please don't buy the lie of such false doctrines.