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Jesus Christ Is Coming Back Soon

7th-Day Advent Bible Ministry Church


These false beliefs are evidences of the SDA Church in apostasy. At the time of Mrs. White, these teachings did not make up the beliefs of the SDA Church.

Today, you will read from their literatures and hear from the pulpits.

1.We are born sinners.

2.We are sinners by nature.

3.Whoever is born with a fallen sinful nature is born a sinner.

4. Jesus Christ was born with a sinless nature - (that is not to make Him a sinner)

5. Jesus Christ was not born a sinner because He was born with a sinless nature.

6.Our sinful nature is the cause of sin.

7.To be born with a fallen sinful nature is to be born a sinner.

8.Sin is inherited

9.Second death is inherited since babies are born sinners

10.Sin is without one’s choice since sin is by nature.

11.Sin is transferable since sin is by nature.

12.Second death is transferable since babies are born sinners.

13.Salvation is by Faith Alone

14.Obedience is the fruit of Salvation

15.The SDA Church is the Remnant

16.Perfection is impossible

17.The Law of God cannot be kept perfectly

18.A Christian will continue in sin until Jesus Christ returns.

19.Perfection will take place at Jesus Christ’s return.

20.Jesus Christ’s righteousness will continue to cover one’s life in sin till He returns.

21.144,000 in the book of Revelation is a symbolic number.

22.The day and hour of Jesus Christ’s return is changeable, based upon how faithful is the church in preaching the gospel.

23.That Christ died and saved you already before you were born or sinned.

24. A Christian cannot live a life without sin while waiting for the Lord's return.